New Roof Installed

Chapel with new roof, June 2013

Stone’s Chapel with new standing-seam metal roof, June 2013

If you’ve driven past Stone’s Chapel lately, hopefully you have noticed the new roof!  The Memorial Association received a $5,000 grant from the Daughters of the American Revolution toward the replacement of the roof, for which we are very grateful.

Of course, as with any historic structure, fixing one thing often leads to finding more repairs that need to be made.  The roofing company was unable to install the flashing where the roof abuts the back of the vestibule tower.  The mortar on the back of the tower needs to be repointed before the flashing can be installed, otherwise it will just pull the bricks out.  So, our next “emergency” repair job will be repointing the mortar.

We also had a number of the old maple trees around the Chapel taken down.

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